Friday, February 10, 2012

Lobster Party

Happy Friday, one and all :)
I wanted to share a few pictures with you of what we did last night.
Yesterday was Daniel's 20th birthday, Adam's brother, so we all went to his favorite place to eat, Red Lobster!
{Barbara, Birthday Guy, Adam}
To be with family often is such a great blessing that I have in my life and I enjoy being with them all so much. Sometimes it takes sad things to bring everyone together but I assume that is Gods way of taking care of us when we need it the most.
This has been a different week for all of us as Mamaw, Adam's grandmother, passed away from pneumonia on Monday. She has been sick for a very long time but nonetheless it is so hard to see someone you love pass away. Because of her passing, Aunt Debbie and Keith came up from Louisiana to visit with all of us which has been such a great time.
After all of the dinner festivities we went back to Joe and Barbara's house for mini red velvet cupcakes!

{Adam and his dad, Joe}
{Me and Aunt Debbie}
I am so ready for this weekend and the chance to sleep in a bit!
Have a lovely Friday, I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo .bd

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