Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Preds

If you live in Tennessee I'm sure you are aware of our NHL team, The Predators. Growing up I could have cared less about hockey as a whole but within the past few months I have really grown to enjoy the that is.
Adams dad is an avid sports lover and invited us to go with him to a game in November. Ever since then we have gone once every month to see the intense sport play out!
Tuesday night The Preds were playing the Vancouver Canucks and we came out to watch.

It was Barbara's (Adam's mom) first time to a hockey game and we were so excited to have her come with us! Not to mention Aunt Debbie and Keith were in town so it was perfect timing! {Thanks Aunt Debbie for treating us!!}
Unfortunately the game was so close that they went into over time, then a shoot out because overtime finished... which after about 6 rounds led to the Canucks win.
Despite the loss we had a great time and I'm ready to see another game!

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