Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He Shoots, He Scores!

I want to first mention that this whole "excited for hockey games" is a new thing for me. I'm sure if you knew me a few years ago you would have thought that I'd be the last person to be a part of a sporting event. And you would have been right,but there's something about hockey that I have grown to enjoy. I am so blessed to have a father-in-law who treats me, Adam and even our friends to see the games. 
I wasn’t planning ongoing last night but Joe scored a great deal on tickets so he bought four and said I could invite a friend! Hello Preds vs. Kings!
A funny coincidence that will mean nothing to you, but I wanted to mention it none the less: Lisa, the friend I invited to go,  is originally from Southern California and a huge LA Kings fan. We talked last week about having a fellow co-worker get us box seats especially for this game but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Lo-and-behold…aka only by God’s awesomeness-we actually got the chance to go! We high tailed it to the game, grabbed a couple of dollar hot dogs (a steal as they normally cost $4!), and made it to our seats.
A few snapshots of our night:
It was this kid below who gave me and Lisa the most entertainment. As you can see he is standing up...which he did for the majority of the game. Not sure why, but it irritated me so much! On top of the fact that he would rarely take his seat he would talk to him self and yell randomly at the players,
"Shoot the puck up and in put it in the hole- I want my frosty!"
Just a little fyi, if the Preds can score 4 points in a game, all of the attendees will receive a voucher for a free Wendy's frosty.  Or sometimes you’ll get a free donut or goo-goo cluster. Random, I know.
Alright I hope you have enjoyed my many hockey posts as of late.
This weekend will be unbelievably busy and tiring...it will also be my 24th birthday on Friday! 
Regardless of the activities, I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.
Talk to you soon,
xoxo bd

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  1. So funny that he says, "Shoots" like its a basketball!!LOL