Thursday, March 1, 2012

A wee celebration

.....and tomorrow will be my birthday. The big 2-4.
We will be leaving on a weekend trip to North Carolina to help pack up my grandfather's home as it has finally sold!
 I thought I should say a quick hello before we head off as we'll be without wi-fi (ooohhh we can do it, right?) until Sunday. We will leave Nashville this evening and drive through the night with my brother, Josh and his wife, Amber. That's right, driving through the night. Should be fun. Should be interesting. Should be tiring. But on to what I enjoy much more....
This past week has been sweet; Adam has made this an entire birthday week starting last Friday. He would say, "Wherever you want to go, we'll go. It's your birthday!" "Want to eat out tonight? Where? It's your choice, its your birthday week!"
Yummy dinners, movies, window shopping at the mall, new makeup and many starbucks trips have made these past 6 days oh-so-delightful! He surprises me everyday with his endless love and affection...there's no better match for me than him.
So much has changed within the past year in my life. A year ago we were living in Memphis packing up our home and searching for a new place to live. Adam was feverishly studying for finals and I was worried about where I might work. A year later we have moved back to Nashville, both got jobs and are trying to figure out what the future holds. If you asked me the difference between 20 and 24 I would say that I am such a different person. I have learned much and have been humbled greatly. You never know what God will throw your way or show you; It's unbelievable.
All of that to say, I'm excited for my 24th year and continued learning. I hope you have a lovely Spring to you soon!
xoxo bd

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