Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oragnization & Life

The weather these past few days, or weeks rather, has been absolutely atrocious. Tornado warnings daily if not flash flood warnings as well. Our car has been giving us constant strife due to the rain and today I was stranded at the house waiting for our mechanic to help us out. This is the third time in two weeks that our car hasn't started and caused us to get it worked on. Not just jump started but full on take it to the shop or have it towed. 
I'm looking forward to the days when we have a vehicle that isn't as worn as this one. God will provide.
{Side note: We are thankful that both of us are healthy and safe. Our families are in good health, love us, not to mention we are blessed in so many other areas of life. This car thing is just an inconvenience.}

With that said, some might think that if you have no choice but to be at home your only option is to be productive. Most days that would be the case but when it is gloomy all day my energy plummets.
I was able to pack up most of our kitchen with just a few, and I mean few, items left to use.
Our guest room has become even more filled with boxes since I posted that photo over the weekend.
Infact we have a house guest tonight...Kevin! He lives over on the island and was told that due to the heavy rain fall it may flood so he's camping out in our "moving room".  I know Adam enjoys him being here...they're watching Conan during their study break right now. Cackles are coming from the living room as I type.

The reason why I wanted to write this blog in the first place was to express my obsession with organization. 
In the midst of this move our house seems to be anything but as most of our things are packed up. 
When I see pictures on blogs of how their closets are kept and magazines are filed I am filled with excitement to bring order back to our home. Granted it will be a couple of weeks but the fire's a burnin' within me!

Lately I've read a book called "The EveryGirl's Guide to Life" by Maria Menounos which has jump started this desire to organize my life. Such an easy read with helpful tools and wonderful information, you're sure to find a way to improve something!

It's time for bed so I'll talk to you soon,
Xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: Deliciously Organized}

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