Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long time no see, right? I have been a little busy….please excuse my absence.
The week leading up to both graduations and the move were hectic and stressful. I was a mess and did not hesitate to show it. (I have since apologized to Adam for my random frantic outbursts.) 
 Congratulations to my brother, Josh, who graduated from MTSU with a degree in Music Business! I'm so proud of you Esh, I love you! He has worked very hard to get where he is today, I know he has a very big career ahead oh him. Josh Harvill will be a huge success…you read it here first!
 {Here is my dad, hubby and brother}

Followed by the ceremony was a fun grad party that his wife Amber threw for him. Decorations were so cute not to mention yummy food!
Sadly we couldn’t stay long because we had to head back to Memphis for Adam’s graduation the following day. In addition, a girl was going to buy our Washer/Dryer but ended up flaking out on us. Not cool Delia…or Celia…whatever your name was….not cool.

Sunday everyone arrived at our house to then chow down on good ole Memphis Bar-b-q at Central. It was Adam’s grandparents and Josh & Amber’s first time to eat there!
The graduation ceremony was quite exciting, I could not stop smiling at the amazing man I’m married to about to receive his J.D. What what! He’s just spectacular…maybe I’m a little biased!
{Everyone after the graduation}

Monday we spent moving all of our stuff. Every piece of our little life fit into just a couple of cars and a u-haul trailer.  It was a lot of work that helped us to decide we are getting movers from now on.
Seeing as I’ve spent too much time on the computer I’m going to spend the rest of the night on the couch watching movies.
I’ll talk to you soon, have a wonderful evening!
Xoxo Bd

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