Sunday, May 1, 2011

In all of the blogs and news broadcasts, you can see the recap of the royal wedding. I too was one of the people who could care less prior to the ceremony. I thought there was just a bunch of hype but soon after watching and viewing the events to follow, I was intrigued. 

Kate was stunning! Her makeup was impeccable and her dress, elegant and refined.
{In addition, had you heard that she did her own makeup? I would love to hear of the beauty products she used.}

With all of the Kesha's and Lady Gaga’s  in this world, I'm glad to see a woman in the public spotlight be so classy. Granted, when you are about to be apart of the royal family I can assume that you would play it safe, but still!

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday evening and get rest for this next week.
Talk to you soon,
Xoxo .bd

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