Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes you need to indulge a little...
and cook up something really really yummy

xoxo .bd
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Monday, April 19, 2010

I apologize for the lack of updates this past week, but I'm back and ready for blogging again.
Everyday work seemed to pass by faster and faster until Friday arrived and I was shocked. That afternoon we went to the movies to see 'The Runaways' with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. May I say that although the movie was very interesting and the soundtrack pretty freakin' great, it was none the less risque and full of profanity. The story line kept us interested but again and again we were shocked at the vulgarity of Dakota Fanning's character.
As my in-laws were coming to visit on Saturday I had spent the week cleaning. You know how you tend to go the extra mile when guests come, well scrubbing the base boards led to scrubbing the refrigerator and dusting under the couches...and...and...well I was exhausted by the time they arrived. We showed them the law school which they were quite impressed by and even drove to Mississippi for Books-A-Million. (Olive Branch is only about 25 min. away)
In an effort to exercise my brain I was eager to purchase an easy sudoku book and my father in law was so generous as to buy one for me! Once I got the hang of it I was hooked. I can definitely understand why so many people are addicted to it.
They treated us to dinner at none other than Central and got some chocolate at Dinstuhl's and headed back to the house where the boys played video games. Adam and his brother Daniel played that PS3 until the wee hours of the morning. With finals creeping closer and closer I know my hubby needed a break that was mindless.
Summer is drawing near with changes for us Davis's so as soon as I know the proper details I'll make a post. I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and of course the wedding of my brother and his gorgeous fiance, Amber.
Off to another work week I go! I hope you have a lovely evening :)
xoxo .bd
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Most of the weekend was spent inside of the house with cleaning and schoolwork but we did leave for a couple of trips such as one to the mall for people interaction and target for some household necessities. Being that we took on the title as 'Most boring couple' we went out Sunday night for some bar b q. Pretty close to our house is our all time favorite barbcue joint which we speak often and highly of, Central. To our surpise (and yet not) the line to order was outside of the building and the porch was crowded with a band and loads of people.
With the sun in our eyes and hefty sandwiches on our table we chowed down. Oh the joy of yummy food!
If you ever find yourself  in this little city you must stop by Central.

Black & White

 There's something to be said about this classic combination and it certainly doesn't discriminate.
From city girls to entry ways, actresses to table clothes, bedrooms and even mothers to stylish daughters, it seems black and white dominates.
xoxo .bd 
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little personal update:

Aside from the pretty pictures and videos I thought I should actually write in this blog about my life.
The past couple of weeks for the two of us haven't been the easiest. If it wasn't something at work it would be at school or something on the financial front.
Friday afternoon I receive a phone call from Adam while I'm at work, also during the time he would/should be in class, so I knew it was important. Long story short someone had used Adam's debit card number to purchase multiple items from pay as you go phones to gas and even 3 separate orders to Papa John's for $78 worth of pizza. We like our pizza but dadgummit not that much! Adam noticed our checking account had drastically changed and for no reason on our part as we typically watch our pennies. After having spoken on the phone with our bank and the police my hot and responsible husband had all of the money placed back into our account. Luckily our spending is pretty predictable and the bank trusted that the particular spending was out of the ordinary. In the end this nasty person stole $600 of our hard earned cash making it a felony.
We are sure of who the person was and how they attained the numbers.
Truly I'd like to help others as this can be a major problem and I'm sure we weren't the first or last victims.
One evening we ordered a pizza and paid with our debit card over the phone. Once delivered to your house the delivery person has to sketch over the actual card and write the 3# security code on the back. Sneaky as he was the man took that information of ours and went crazy.
As of now we decided we'll order online so as to not place our private information into anyone else's hands where it doesn't need to be. Being that Adam took charge, the entire situation was resolved within 6 hours of finding out. We're currently waiting on a call from the investigator as the pre payed cell phones are being sent to an address and could possibly end in a court case. (Idiot! Such an idiot! Really? You're going to steal our money and then tell us where you live?)
Needless to say we're ready for happier times, times that don't involve stress as often as late.
I must be going, hubby needs the laptop for school work.
Have a lovely Sunday and rest of your weekend!
xoxo .bd

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Film by Vanessa Bruno....
In all honesty I'm more in love with the first and last tracks played in the video; who are they by?
With warmer weather and longer days here I find myself wishing for a weekend getaway. To walk down cobble stone streets and rummage through little foreign dinners in the city....
I'm in need of a lovely escape

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It seems as though we've just arrived in Franklin for the weekend and its almost time to leave again. Why are these visits so short? At least while here we try our hardest to visit our friends and family while getting in our favorite Nashville only activities.
We drove in to Spring Hill to see my parents first as my Aunt Beth, Uncle Jon, and two cousins Tessa and Jonathan are visiting for Easter as well! We ate up a yummy meal outside to enjoy the perfect weather and watched multiple episodes of 'Science of the Movies' until my dad got home from practice. He's a worship leader at a church in Murfreesboro which holds services at MTSU every year for Easter. Each time there's a special musical guest and this year country artist Josh Turner will be playing a few of his songs. Fun stuff!
Yesterday was spent mainly with Adam's parents where they took us out to lunch at SATCo {San Antonio Taco Company} for unbeatable bean burritos and soft tacos. The entire porch was filled with lots of people basking in the warm spring sun. After a couple more stops we headed back home only to get out again as I was having a girls night out!
Paige, Lindsey, Sarah and even Jessica for a short while met to catch up on the past couple of years. It was so nice to be around them again. It felt like old times sitting at Starbucks and driving around Nashville- not to mention the hundreds of times we went to Centennial park for jumping pictures.
Peeeektures to follow but I must get dressed for church.
Have a lovely Easter weekend!
xoxo .bd

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter is right around the corner highlighting pastels and flowers. Little eggs and bunnies in the form of chocolate are my favorite items. Well.....pretty dress are my most favorite.

xoxo .bd
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Happy Wednesday one and all we've made it to hump day!
Being that we're leaving for Nashville to spend Easter weekend with our families I'm eager to get out of town as soon as possible. There are a few more reasons as to why I'm eager for this Friday as I haven't had the best week. Monday was just a downer of a day with my inability to do a good job at work. Well I only messed up twice out of about 75 patients (yes we see that many people before noon) but the two mess ups were enough to keep the day sucky. Tuesday didn't give me any high-fives either; I had essentially surrendered to a bad week.     Nothing really bad happened but by golly nothing good happened. Both Adam and I have been suffering with the change of seasons around here, Adam more so than I, and are ready for it to be over.
On to bigger and better things right?
A better post tomorrow

xoxo .bd.