Thursday, December 9, 2010

 It's cold nights like this that I think of anything and everything to keep me cozy. Plush blankets and rich hot cocoa are on my evenings agenda.
Doesn't the first photo remind you of Kate Winslet's home in The Holiday? I think that's why I decided to post it...a favorite winter movie of mine for sure.

A wonderful weekend is ahead of us. Adam will finally be finished with all of his exams, a total of 6 to be exact. He has studied long and hard; Tuesday night he stayed up until 3:15 in the morning only to wake up three hours later to get ready for his next exam. I kept calling him crazy not to mention I missed his company and full attention but I know it will pay off in the long run. 
Oh good news!
Today he found out that he passed the MPRE, which he took a little over a month ago, with flying colors. He is now able to take the Bar in any state of the U.S. Go Adam!!
Now, once he takes the last final (tomorrow at 9) we'll head out to Franklin for a weekend spent with family.
My Aunt Beth, Uncle Jon, and two cousins, Tessa and Jonathan are visiting my parents in Nashville for a few days! I'm ecstatic to see them, it's been almost 6 months. 
We'll all celebrate Adam's 25th birthday, will go  to the  Dickens of A Christmas Festival in downtown Franklin, and just wonderful pre-Christmas visit.
Tomorrow can't come soon enough!'s time for a warm shower as my toes are frozen. 
Talk to you soon...
xoxo .bd 

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