Thursday, December 2, 2010

I meant what I said in my last post, some days need a little more oomph than the rest. Wednesdays are my longest seeing as I work 10 hours straight and my feet not to mention my back hurt like no body's business.
By Thursday afternoon I can't wait to come home and sit down for a bit. 
Very little resting happened...the house was a mess, our suitcases from the Thanksgiving trip had yet to be unpacked, towels needed to be folded....clothes washed....dishwasher name it....then made dinner for two. At the same time Adam was at school from 9-6 sitting in the moot court board studying studying studying for his exam tomorrow. (His 2nd of 6 total)
So I write this blog to you with both of us on the couch with our eyes barely open.
Just finished Community and now to 30 Rock. 
I apologize for a lack of interesting topics...I need a bubble bath and a piece of chocolate.
Have a lovely Thursday evening!
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: Lonny Mag, ffoodd}

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