Friday, August 6, 2010

Again Friday is here bringing with it a beautiful weekend ahead.
Today is our last full day in Franklin as we'll leave tomorrow morning for our year left in Memphis.
Over the past week people have been asking if I was ready to go back and frankly I am. 
Our home is such a refuge for me no matter the size, location or occasional mustiness.
The heat and humidity in that city is an entirely different story, that I do not miss. No no. But...
I miss our bed with its cozy sheets and plush pillows. I miss being able to cook and create something new for us to try. I miss the nights when we sit in front of the tv to catch up on all of our Tivo'd favorites. I miss cleaning, scrubbing and caring for every bit of our lovely little place. I think we all would, though. Don't you think? Our parents have been nothing short of welcoming and giving, but everyone can understand the difference in living with your parents again, regardless the length of time.
The life we've created together in the past year has been beautiful. We have successfully lived completely on our own no matter the hardships or triumphs. 

Before we left, everything seemed so bland and boring. Our daily routine seemed to be...well...quite routinely and mundane at times. But looking back at photos of the past year and even blog posts, I notice that all of the routineness I speak of was nothing of the sort. Yes we got up for work and school everyday as most do, but we made pizza on the grill. Gosh that pizza was horrible, but we did it. We raked our back yard together, fought the roach who came out of nowhere leaving me running out of the shower screaming. We carved pumpkins on our porch listening to The Avett Brothers, conquered Memphis drivers...
The list goes on and all of that to say I'm ready to have a fun last year in that city with my husband. 
Tonight we're going to hang out with my family in Murfreesboro then head out as I said in the morning.
I hope each and everyone of you enjoy these restful days before work kicks back in on Monday.
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: HouseBeautiful, Martha Stewart, , Decorpad}

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