Saturday, August 28, 2010

As I've neglected to post anything in a while I thought I might just share all of the photos from our Oklahoma trip in June to our most recent pictures. 

{Family Reunion in Oklahoma}
The two of us with his parents, Joe and Barbara at the Aquarium
The view from our cabin porch
The tiniest of all bathrooms! Six people, one miniature shower and plenty of towels.

{Having My Tooth Pulled}
Gauze, Medication and Napping in that order...and a gauze bag because getting your tooth pulled is anything but glamorous.

 {Breakfast with my Parents}

{Packing to Go Back Home}
Lots and lots of packing...

Back in Memphis

{Slip n Sliding}

At a friends birthday party, a slip n slide, yes the ones from when you were 8, was in the backyard and all of the guys took part. Note they are law school students, and at least 25. But they still get giddy over that kind of stuff.
While they were sliding the rest of their  were staying dry... as did I of course!
Adam obviously didn't stay dry and came home with scratches and bruises all over!

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