Monday, March 22, 2010

Well hello Monday, I feel like I've seen you every week!

The Month of March has seemed to pass us by with only a few days left.  With the time change I have found it hard to adjust with getting up so early but I am drinking in the longer days. The sun doesn't go down until 7 leaving the two of us Davis's to enjoy more time outside. With our back yard being more mud than grass I'm trying to be creative in how I can beautify the little space. The previous renters left lots of paving stones and a few large pots that I have taken as my own and filled with flowers galore. {The hyacinths are already blooming!!} When I know for sure that we won't have any freezing weather I'll purchase a couple of hanging planters and stuff with wave petunias which I hope overflow with color. Our house has no real distinctions and I'm sure most people don't know it exists so I want to bring pretty homey attention to our lovely little place.
 In other complete opposite news, news that really couldn't be more opposite of what I'm into, basketball.
Yes people, basketball. I don't think I have one athletic bone in my body although I do want to know more about how sports work. Well, maybe I just like guessing. One of my friends at work, Sarah, started a building-wide bracket where surgeons, pts, techs and family members alike can guess on who they think will win in March Madness. I decided last minute to take part in the festivities and wrote down who I thought would win in each game. Out of my pure lack of knowledge I somehow ended up with what my co workers are saying is a good bracket. Who-da- thunkit. I still don't know what's going on in the games but am eager every night to see who wins. Even Adam and most of his school buddies are doing the same, sadly Saturday night at a birthday bar b q most of our hopes were crushed as Kansas lost. Whether or not that means anything to you, I bet that they would go all the way. They didn't, they stopped in the beginning you darn ball players!
Alrighty so we're making tofu stir fry for dinner and its time to sautee the tofu and start the cooking. Have a lovely rest of your Monday, this is going to be a good week!
xoxo .betsydavis

{Top Photo Credit: Miss Capricho}

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