Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Review: 7/28/13

...and by weekend in review I mean Sunday, because we bought a camera on Saturday and didn't capture anything until Sunday.
We purchased the Sony Cybershot and are so happy with its swiftness in taking photos. The saleswoman at Best Buy kept saying, "There's nothing faster than a Sony" and I can honestly say she was 100% right. 
Sunday morning we met Adam's parents for lunch at Puckett's in downtown Franklin for Brunch! The drive to meet them was absolutely gorgeous and we had our windows down the entire time. The skies were so very blue and the temperature felt like fall! After we filled up on french toast we walked around the square and tested out the camera a little bit more. Again, we were just super impressed and started taking pictures of really random objects which I will not bore you with. You're welcome!

Later on we headed to see 'The Way Way Back' which has finally been released into all theaters. We really enjoyed the movie- if you are a fan of Almost Famous and the way you are really brought into a story, you'll like it. You feel for Duncan, the main character, and empathize with his experiences. Loved it.
We grabbed a bite to eat at The Cheesecake Factory (my favorite) and then walked around the mall. Adam purchased his very first bow tie at Brooks Brothers which he definitely rocked in court today. He's dreamy, I tell ya. 

So there you are, a little weekend Sunday in review. We will be going out of town this weekend so I want to show you my must have travel picks this week. I hope your Monday got off to a great start, I'll talk to you soon.

xoxo bd

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