Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Rainy Day

Hello Friends! I hope this Wednesday is finding you well and that you have had a fantastic week thus far!

If you live in the Nashville area you know how cold it was today. Dreary gray skies with misty rain all day. I personally love when the weather is cold and gray, I feel I could do quite well in Seattle or London. Were I given the choice between winter or summer I would choose winter every time; I just like to be bundled up!
Last night our friends from out of town, Harrison and Jeanie, came through Nashville and stopped by to hang out for a bit. Harrison currently lives in DC and flew into Memphis to be with Jeanie where she currently lives for a quick vacay. Lucky for us they are trekking across the state to meet up with everyone they haven’t seen in a while! Harrison and Adam were best buddies from undergrad at UT Knoxville and their love has yet to fade. Let’s just say when they talk about politics, foreign affairs or robot chicken, both Jeannie and I tune out. Can you blame us? It was nice to spend time with them and chat for a bit, hopefully we’ll  get to see them on their way back through before Harrison flies back out.
Time to wrap myself in a blanket and watch our favorite Wednesday night shows. Have you seen Revenge? We're absolutely obsessed...not sure if it will be more than a mini series though. Regardless, I'm excited for tonight's episode.
Tomorrow I will have my October Birchbox video up to share about all of the lovely products I received and I will also be sharing my reviews after having tried them.
I’ll talk to you soon,
Xoxo bd
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