Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Gilded Age

 Can I be completely honest? Can I just break it down for you?
I’m exhausted. Granted I had my dress on, placed the concealer under my eyes and even curled my hair- so you may not have noticed had you seen me at the office- but I’m tired.
The entire month of September, every weekend, we spent away from our home, our routines and sadly, our DVR. What can I say, we love to watch television!
Tomorrow Adam will begin working at home which means we are somewhat feverishly trying to put together his office.
We’ve purchased a desk and phone but need to clear out all of the clutter from our home in Memphis. (Boxes and what not’s…you know.)
I saw the above pictures this morning and had a mini day dream of how our home could look like that.
My design aesthetic is far from minimalistic or modern, I love the gilded mirrors, golds, creams and crisp whites…they all speak to me. They calm me down in as much as interiors can.
With all of the chaos in traveling and staying at everyone else's home but our own, I want to calm down. I want to spruce up what we have. Thank goodness for inspiration to get you out of a ruddy rut, right?

I have compiled a couple of videos from over the weekend and hope to have them edited and posted within the next few days.
I hope you have had a beautiful October hump day, the weekend is getting closer!

Talk to you soon,
Xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: One & Two & Three }

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