Saturday, September 14, 2013

House Sitting

This weekend Adam and I are house sitting for one of my co-workers. No, we are not jumping on the beds and the dog won't be hopping onto the sheets anytime soon, but we sure are having fun. 
{It's our mini getaway}
Throughout my college/single years I house and dog sat like no body's business. Like, straight ballin  a lot.
During the summer months (prime house sitting season) I would stay at other people's homes more than I would my own. It was glorious. I loved new environments, fun animals to play with and having the opportunity to see my city from a different angle. 
This time around we are staying in a log cabin that is set on top of a hill nestled between acres of trees (with wifi, of course) that is only 5 minutes from town. That's a pretty darn great combo, don't you think? Did I mention the weather is going to be amazing?! Hallelujah.

So I'm off to sit and stuff... I'll talk to you soon
xoxo bd

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