Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Lovelies and Lamps

Sometimes it's the little things that make your day sweet...
On an impromptu trip to TJ Maxx during my lunch break, I made a fun purchase for a great deal: Originally $125, I was able to grab the lamp below for only $25! 
In perfectly good shape, the warm golden lamp has made me a happy lady.

After arriving home from work I found out my husband had a slow day with only a few cases and decided to clean the house! How amazing is he?! *Clean floors, freshly washed towels, candles burning*
Once the heels came off and I slouched into the couch he handed me my latest Birchbox that came in the mail .
It still never gets old- a lovely treat in the mail every month! I couldn't believe the amount of goodies I received from body scrubs to lip gloss, hair serums, herbal tea and moisturizers! Looks like a pampering night is in my future.
Later on in the evening we decided to run out for a bottle of wine and check on the TJ Maxx that's a little closer to our home. My thought was, if I can find the twin to the lamp I just bought for the same price, my love of symmetry will come to life in our living room! Lo-and-behold, we saw two others that were slightly lighter in color but only discounted to $49...not $25. I was frustrated that they weren't cheaper as I had found earlier in the day, but with Adam being such a great negotiator, he got the guy to give us 50% off on both! 
We ended up placing them in our bedroom and I love how chic they are. 
As you can see in the close up it almost resembles the inside of a shell! So beautiful in person, I am quite happy with our purchase(s).
I guess today's lesson is, "You never know what good negotiating and great customer service will get you until you try".
I hope you all have a lovely day, I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

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