Monday, April 16, 2012

East and Eventful

Hi friends, I hope you are doing well! Can you believe we are already in the middle of April? Where did these past couple of weeks go? C'est la vie...
It’s funny to me when I recount our times in Memphis and our daily activities one year ago to now.
Often Adam and I will talk about how almost boring our life was with his constant studying and a general lack of activities. I kid you not; we would push off a run to Walgreens for toilet paper so that we could have something to do the next day. Sad…very sad.

But all of that to say, our lives now are filled with so much to do and many plans to sort out.
I honestly cannot remember the last time we spent lazily around the house with nothing to do…I’ll count that as a blessing!
This weekend was spent in the same manner with friendly get-togethers and aquatic outings.
As I am always on instagram (a photo taking and hosting program on the iphone) I tend to take at least a picture a day. Acutally, if you don’t have instragram readily available you can easily follow me on instagrid!

Here is our weekend in pictures:
Saturday night, after spending the day with my in-laws, we met up with our friends Zack and Kira who recently moved to Nashville for dinner and catch up time! Sadly I forgot to take pictures of our outing but we walked to a local restaurant called 'Battered and Fried' for fish and chips then grabbed an ice cream cone around the corner at The Pied Piper. I had the Rosewater Pistachio unique and delicious!
Below is a view near our friends home with downtown Nashville in the distance.
Sunday we ran lots of errands :)
If you know my husband well at all you will know that he has a great love for animals...especially fish.
Let's just say we went to Pet Smart and Aquatic Critters to gain ideas on a future aquarium! 

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! 
I'll talk to you soon,
xoxo bd

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  1. ooo i loved battered and fried! maybe i'll get travis to take me there tonight...