Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh what a boring web we weave....
Not sure if that makes sense, but all of that to say nothing much is going on. It has been particularly cold and in some situations have had the opportunity to wear boots!
Last weekend was spent back home with our families celebrating my mother in law, Barbara's birthday! (Happy belated you lovely lady!) We ate Cracker Barrell, drank pumpkin spiced lattes, went to a pumpkin fest, exchanged music galore and ate more. Busy bees I tell ya.

Tomorrow my parents will be visiting us for the weekend. I'm so very giddy, I absolutely love when they come. Reasons to deep clean and light candles always gives a pep to my step. Now we must figure out what to do.... We keep raving about our favorite cupcake place which we want to take them to and treat them to goodies. Abstaining from those yummy happiness filled confections is hard, it's a good thing I won't have to wait much longer! 
On top of their visit Adam will be taking the MPRE. A long test that is a part of the bar which he can take early on dealing with ethics and professional responsibility. He's been studying like a mad man for hours on end every day for the past month. Pray that he retains all of the knowledge he's gained and is confident in his choices. I love this man so much and know that he will do amazingly! 

Being the lazy bones that I am, this blanket and movie are beckoning me. Have a splendid evening...I hope to catch you soon.
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: Pia Jane}

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