Monday, July 14, 2014

Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living InParis

Today I wanted to share a book that has truly inspired me. We recently went to the library and I stumbled upon the above book, 'Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris' by Jennifer L. Scott. Truth be told I thought it would be a lighthearted "beach read" on how french women do it best but in fact it is much more.

The book is filled with stories of Jennifer's experience during her six months of studying abroad in Paris and ideas on how to live life well. She stayed with a very traditional family who were quite chic in seemingly every aspect of their life. Jennifer speaks mostly on the advice she received from the lady of the house, whom she affectionately calls Madame Chic, and also what she learned from simply watching Madame Chic and her family. 

Madame Chic would be what we Americans consider prim, proper and elegant. She quickly showed Jennifer that you needn't have many "things" in order to live well. Madame Chic was clean and organized, she cared for herself, for her home and for her family.  She didn't worry with trends. She knew what looked good on her and didn't stray from what made her feel beautiful. From the hairstyle that fit her best to the cut of the clothes she wore, she was a woman who knew what quality truly meant.

Jennifer touches on many other topics such as: having a love for the arts, eating meals filled with quality ingredients, having an air of mystery, how to carry yourself and how we should invest money into core, quality items for our wardrobe. 

After reading I felt inspired to get up the next morning and to live differently even if no one would know.  Jennifer often mentions that the Chic Family were presentable at all times. They cared for the way that they looked even if it meant that they were not going to see someone that day. She encourages that you wear your favorite dress and that you should use your china as often as possible. Why wait for a special occasion when everyday is an occasion.

What I took away most from this book is that we can all be Madame Chic. It's the notion that you can cultivate a lovely life whether you're living in the sixteenth arrondissment of Paris or in middle Tennessee. It is about making a conscious decision to love what you have and have what you love. By purchasing quality items that you cherish and take care of, you find that your need for more, more, more has lessened.  This also speaks to the food you eat, the music you listen to and the books you read. It's about quality, not quantity.

I am inspired to cultivate a beautiful life. I had lost sight of the beautiful and lovely things during this transition we are in but am ready to live well regardless of our circumstances.

I hope you check out Jennifer's book, her blog which she updates frequently along with her videos on YouTube

Have a wonderful evening, friends. I hope your Monday went well!
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