Thursday, February 7, 2013

Currently: 2/7/13

Loving:  Quotes. I'm kind of a quote fiend. I like good words. Words that resonate...

Reading: Lots and lots of magazines. I have a pile stacked sky high next to my bedside.

Waiting for: My new print to arrive! Emily over at JonesDesignCompany {whom I so totally copied this questionnaire from} designs lovely artwork and I ordered this little print to place in our bathroom!

Excited about: Valentine’s Day. I love the hearts, the candy, the time with my best friend/hubby/partner-in-crime and going out to eat.

Trying to: Paint More. The other night I came home from work, got out my canvases and acrylics and got started. 

Working on:  waking up earlier. This is a constant battle, truly. I have the grandest ideas of waking up at 5 in the morning to take time on my hair, makeup and maybe even make a nice breakfast. Unfortunately I spend that precious time sleeping. Maybe someday??

Enjoying: Having a bedroom TV. About a month ago we purchased a tv for our room. This is something people swear by or swear off. We absolutely love it! 

Using Addicted To: Vine. It’s an app that is a sister to Twitter. You make 6 second videos about whatever you like. The app will piece the clips you film together for you. Check one of mine out,here!

Wearing: A top knot. Thank you to the person who made it acceptable for me to throw my hair on top of my head and call it put it together. I wear this "hairstyle" more than I'd like to admit.

Planning: Our summer vacation. It is between Vegas, Disney or mayyyybe back to our honeymoon spot, San Francisco

Singing: Mushaboom by Feist. That song is just pure happiness and Spring Time.

Needing: A manicure. Oh these nails,they look rough. 
Whenever I say/type the word rough, I think of “Buzz, you’re girlfriend, ruff!!”. Can anyone relate? 

Learning: to take things in stride. Somedays the stresses of work tear me down and I have to realize they are for learning and/or for not taking too seriously. I can’t let it rule my life, simple as that.

Listening to: anything on my Spotify playlists. I enjoy very much making up new ones to listen to while at work.

Watching: Netflix and Hulu! We are obsessed with following many a series and are currently into The Following, House of Cards and I personally love The Carrie Diaries.

Dreaming of: Having a family. Every time we see our niece Charlotte, we get dreamy thoughts of having our own little one(s). Someday :)

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