Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We've already made it to the middle of the week, almost past it, really. 
Our weekend was special spending it entirely with family, a perk of being back in Nashville. 
Monday was a much needed break but we have been thrust into quite a busy week since then. It's not a pretty job but I am always in lovely places. Large home, gorgeous interiors, fancy jewelery, expensive get the picture. Though none of those items are mine, I simply clean them for others, one day I will have a life of grandeur. Until that day comes I will obsess over beautiful pictures I see in magazines and online. I browse through blogs and tumblrs to escape sometimes and I store those photos to keep them close and to dream. 

Because of my obsession, which has gone on for years mind you, I have begun to overload our computer with too many files. The husband doesn't like that too much saying things about gigabytes and not having enough of them left. Without really understanding what he meant I just nodded and said yes and found another venue who was more accepting of's. Thank goodness for this place because I have been storing pictures left and right. Feel free to browse if you would like, I tried to organize things to make it easy. 

Above are a few of the pictures I've gathered...
Seeing as it's 8 minutes until midnight and I should be sleeping right now, I'll let you go.
I hope to talk to you soon, sleep well!
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: pinterest}

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