Friday, September 21, 2012

First Day of Autumn

That's right, its the first day of Autumn!
We have already been drinking apple cider on the regular and have mums placed on our front porch and walkway. We're just a tad bit fall obsessed. 
Last night I ran into  walked around Hobby Lobby for an hour to gather wreath supplies. I swear, you can't walk into that place without getting sucked into their 50% off sales and discount seasonal decor. Oh those sneaky sneaky people!
I thought I'd share a few of the items around the house that have made an appearance in the last week prepping us for this glorious season. 
1. The parking lot in front of my work has leaves falling already! {That's pretty much the only tree I've seen around doing so...but it works for now.}
2. Pumpking Spice Latte Starbucks VIA packets {They're quite tame compared to a piping hot espresso and milk, but there's some flavor}
3. 'Leaves' candle from Bath and Body Works.{ My all time favorite fall/winter scent which has been wafting through our home every night. You must, at the very least, head over to B&BW to smell it! We also own this scent in the oil for our lamp rings.}

For inspiration? Well if you would like to inspire yourself with images of crunchy leaves, pumpkins and warm blankets, check out some of these Tumblr's:

and if you would like even more options for Autumnal/Halloween/Fall tumblrs:

I hope this helps to start your season off right!
Have a lovely and cozy Friday night, I'll talk to you soon...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Creme de la Creme

I have a strange obsession with the color cream..creme.
Whatever you put with it, be it a trench, cup of coffee, brownstone or bag, cream always beats out any other color for me.

Just a little loveliness for the day...
xoxo bd

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birchbox: September 2012

As you can see, I received my September Birchbox in the mail! Again, without fail, it's like Christmas in a pretty pink box! {There were multiple tweets and instagrams, don't you worry}
If you are interested in my picture updates, check out my Instagrid account!

This month was packed with goodies galore and I used them as soon as I could. Wanna talk products? Let's just get into it... Last night I washed my hair  with the Nexxus Promend Shampoo and Conditioner (shown in the second photo) which made my hair silky smooth! If only the sample could last longer than one wash!
Both the Benefit face wash and polish worked really well and the scent is beautiful. I think I can squeeze one more use out of them. The nail polish by Color Club is a creamy slate gray/green. I received a mint green from the same company a couple of months ago and was less than impressed with how it looked on. The shade I received, "Status Update", went on beautifully with only one coat on my toesies!
As I'm not much of a hot tea drinker I gladly handed them over to the hubby and he raved about how flavorful they were. Looks like we will be placing an order for tea soon :)
Next up was the hair tie by Twistband. I had received two other twistbands prior to this one, one in March and the first late last year. Some might dislike that Birchbox will resend items, but when it comes to those Twistband ties, I say keep 'em coming! They never leave a dent in your hair even if you had your hair up all day. Love!
Lastly I received the Primer by Youngblood. I had never heard of the brand and was eager to try it out. So far so good being that I used it for the first time today. I must say the sample size will last me for a while which I appreciate as well as the packing; I won't have to bend, squeeze or fold a mini tube of primer as I have in the past.
Included in this box was a 'Fall Lookbook' or the Birchbox version of The September Issue. There are fun hair and makeup tutorials as well as fashion advice. 
I hope you take a minute to check out this company and grab yourself a box for October!
Curious about purchasing one for you or maybe that girly-girl in your life? Visit:

Have a splendid Thursday, I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

*Disclosure: Totally not paid or sponsored to speak lovely words regarding BB, its just that their customer service is phenomenal and after having subscribed for 2 years, I'm still giddy!*

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


"Wear your favorite shade of bright red lipstick...everyday. 
Order prosecco to 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
Dash into work today in your best'll feel more motivated than usual.
Dress up to go shopping...heads will turn.
Eat dinner on your fine china...tonight. You'll feel fancy.
Write a love note to your hubby...leave it by his coffee cup.
Listen to Frank Sinatra today...I promise it will put pep in your step.

Don't be boring, do something everyday to put a little dazzle in your life."

I found this via 'A Savannah Redtop' and wanted to repost her entire blog as she said it perfectly!  Sometimes I need to be told to be daring and to take things up a notch when I'm feeling a little hum-drum. All credit for photo and lovely wording goes to Emily. 

xoxo bd

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ninth Month

I know I'm a little late with the, "Oh my, can you believe it is September already?" but truly, that is how I feel. As I do every month. Seriously, go back to the first post from every month and I'm sure I said something along those lines. I'm too predictable these days.
So back to this ninth month of this year.
Every week I have something special going on from birthdays to work events to family visiting to a bridal shower for my bestie to my soon to be niece, baby Norah, being born! Lots of lovely happenings going on to kick off the beginning of the beginning of autumn. Let's be honest, it doesn't become fall in middle Tennessee until November. 
So I hope this month treats you well...with happy surprises and cooler weather.
I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo bd

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012

It’s back to the work week after a much needed long weekend. I was one of the lucky people to be given Monday off and I took full advantage of sleeping in…every day! Saturday evening we went to my parent’s house to watch the big LSU game and Sunday evening we spent with Adam’s parents for dinner and watched The Help. I love, love, love that book and movie!
I hope you enjoyed your holiday and wanted to share some photos of our Labor Day cook out with family and friends.
Can you see Amber? Or as Papa calls her, Old One and a half, she is due in 3 weeks! We are all so excited!
Happy Birthday to Papa, he celebrated a very young 86th birthday. 

You might be curious as to what they are carrying through the living room. An organ of course!
Mr. Shaw (one of yesterday's guest) has an amp company and recently refurbished an organ for my dad's studio. 
I'm beginning to think everyone's dad doesn't have a studio or friends who bring them organs. Just thinking....

So that's it. There were a few snippets of our Labor Day gathering yesterday afternoon.
Again, I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend. 
I'll talk to you soon! 
xoxo bd

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Weekend

Happy amazing relaxing joyous Saturday! I so look forward to my weekends especially after the work week can sometimes wear you down.
If you recall from a previous post about a month ago, Adam and I were given a gift certificate for a local restaurant, Mack and Kate's. We were so blessed to be given a gift so big that we could spread it out amongst multiple meals.
I have heard wonderful things about M&K's brunch so it seemed fitting on a long weekend like this, to check it out. We came at the perfect time where we were seated and served immediately. 
Wanna see my date? Okay, fine fine I'll let you take a gander :)

 Can you tell he's ready for game day? LSU plays tonight so we both wore purple in honor of the Tigers.
Chances are that I will be playing on Pinterest, but I love him and try to support his interests. {Ha, I rhymed!}

Like I said, I like to support him so I wore my purple ruffly top for the day...and for LSU, of course! 

Okay now, back to the good stuff, the food.

Instead of serving biscuits before brunch they serve muffins. Such a cute touch, don't you think? 
The chocolate chip cappuccino was scrumptious! Oh and that's honey butter just in case you were drooling wondering; it's the little things I tell ya.

But because we had money to burn we said, let's have biscuts and jam too!
 {Side note: The Mr. isn't much of a muffin fan}

 You might think I thirsty from all of those pre-meal goodness bites of heaven, why yes I was, so I sipped on an iced cold tea. I'm southern, tea goes with every meal!

We both ordered the open faced BLT with fried egg and hash browns. Oh. My. Word.
This melted in our mouths; every bite was filled with crunch, gooey egg, crispy bacon and sweet wheat bread. I was full from the biscuits and muffins that I only ate half of my sandwich but don't you fret, I finished it later on in the afternoon.  Delightful.

Guess what? We still have money left on the gift card and are already planning a day for us to catch another bite to eat. Gosh I love dates with that guy, he's the bees knees!
If you are in the Nashville/Franklin/Brentwood area, please check this lovely place out, Mack and Kate's.
Until next time, I'll talk to you soon.
xoxo bd